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Nytemoods is developing sustainable outdoor lighting products designed to increase Business ROI, Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security for Restaurants, Hotels and other outdoor environments. We reduce or eliminate carbon footprint, maintenance and utility costs, and improve safety and security in outdoor patio environments. In addition, we offer a simple and effective Marketing and Advertising solution to your indoor and outdoor environments, that may be easily transferred between canopy’s without damage.


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Our Story

Off Grid Light Systems

Patent Pending on all standalone products and entire system 


Nytemoods is a startup developing self sustaining outdoor canopy lighting with Patent Pending status. What makes our products unique is our modular system of  standalone products for many different industries, which when integrated together create an unparalled product designed to increase Business ROI and Customer Satisfaction, while reducing or eliminating overhead costs that affect your bottom line. Our lighting utilizes LED lamps with dimming capability and may be removed and replaced in the fixture, unlike many other fixtures with integrated LED’s designed for umbrellas. Chose from 1 to 12 Watts per lamp, 2800 to 7000 Kelvin, and the CRI that you desire in a dimming. Various types of lamps which may be utilized include UV Black Light, UV Disinfecting, Fluorescent and RGB colored lamps. Now you have a choice in your outdoor lighting.

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Batt Ring

Batt Ring is our 12V Modular Battery system, designed to be charged by external Solar and Turbine style units, resist the harsh elements and rest on the ground or on top of an umbrella stand. Up to 4 interconnecting battery packs create an expandable module to power a small appliance. An optional cover may be placed over it for added protection. And it may fit inside some enclosures as well.

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Solar/Turbine Charger

Our Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Hybrid charging system is designed to sit above and inside the top of the Canopy, and weighs a mere 2 lbs. It is the only Umbrella Canopy mounted Solar/Turbine charger that may be plugged into an after market umbrella light or similar device designed to accept a 12V charger.

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60 to 400 square feet of blank advertising space!!!

Stop leaving money on the table!!! Simple, inexpensive and very effective under canopy advertising to your dining and show venue customers. Place multiple images underneath your umbrella, pop-up or overhead fly canopy, and let your customers know about specials, events, entertainment and more. Capable of changing your message quickly and easily in only a few moments. adding color is a very simple process without any tools, and may be visible 24/7. Utilize a variety of ways to advertise your message at minimal cost, and easily transfer your messages to indoor and outdoor canopy’s without risk of damage or need to repurchase.

Our Market Segments

Industries we will serve


Many Hotels and Restaurants utilize area lights, flood lights and string lights to illuminate their area, and all require a Contractor and the Utility Grid to operate them. Nytemoods is designed to increase Business ROI, Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Security while reducing operating costs, maintenance costs and Utility Grid dependance with a product that will last for years, and can pay for itself in about 30 days. We help increase bottom line profits.

Disaster Relief

When a disater strikes, it takes a few days to mobilize Fuel, Generators, Tents, Supplies and other necessary items. Our self sustaining lighting can be set up in about 10 minutes, and illuminates a large area with high quality lighting all night, without requiring maintenance beyond basic setup. From dawn to dusk, the unit is off to save battery life, and turns itself on at night. Additional resources are not needed to operate our lighting system.

Marketing & Advertising

Nytemoods introduces the first Marketing and Advertising system specifically designed for captive dining audiences in an outdoor environment. Businesses can now utilize all of the blank space in the canopy! Our proprieary light system projects images on the canopy, so your customers will see any message you want them to know. Give subtle reminders to help boost your bottom line in  a unique way with ading additional cost beyond setup.

Safety and Security

It is night time, and all is quiet. Movement is detected, and the microphone and night vision camera turns on, recording the movement. A few moments later, another microphone and night vision camera turns on from a different unit, and then a third from another area not far away. The intruder is at your Construction site, stealing resources. Security has been contacted and viewed as the video has been sent to a security post, and contacts police who arrive within a minutes. Security turns all of the integrated lighting, flooding the area, and their is nowhere for the thieves to hide. Your security investment just paid for itself, and work will continue as usual in the morning


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