Our first prototype, a battery operated light system in a reflective up light position, attached to an inexpensive 6 foot umbrella. If we can this much light from a department store patio set, imagine what we can do with a commercial market umbrella. Lighting is equivalent to 100W.

Our second prototype, photo on left taken by permission at Oakland Civic Center. Photo credit Christopher Scott and Benjamin Elias.
Photo taken at RV Campsite at Sonoma Raceway.
Nytemoods has created Illumenyte, the first off grid light system designed specifically for installation into a variety of commercial and residential market umbrellas, which are currently available at many outdoor patio and furniture retailers worldwide. Being a modular system, businesses and consumers may choose from various components, each designed to work independently from each other, or combined into a system that addresses many different needs.

Each individual product requires minimal maintenance, if any, and replacements or upgrades are easily done in just a few minutes with basic hand tools and a ladder. Installation is simple and straightforward, and most anyone with basic tool skills can create an enhanced environment in less than an hour. What could be better than to install, make simple minor adjustments, and watch your customer satisfaction rating and sales increase as your costs of doing business go down.

Nytemoods has created a new niche by creating the first completely off grid standalone light system, designed to be be maintenance free and work anywhere light or wind are available. Combining a wind turbine and a solar panel (Solarwynd) into the Illumenyte Light System provides the opportunity to charge the internal battery 24 hours a day, extending light capabilities for the most Northern and Southern regions of our world with our large battery packs and higher lumen capabilities in both our flagpole and canopy light systems. Total weight for Solarwynd is approximately 3 pounds.

Consumers may have the opportunity to incorporate Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular connectivity into the Solarwynd unit to control Illumenyte individually or as a member of one or more groups. Imagine sitting in the control room viewing a website with multiple locations, and being able to modify and control the environment of each individual light system.

Nytemoods will enable areas around the world that are currently without access to electrical utilities to utilize a virtually maintenance free, fully self sustaining light system to immediately enhance their quality of life at a reasonable cost. Imagine the immediate impact in disaster zones, or how a rural area can be improved dramatically with the addition or portable, off-grid security lighting. Anywhere you can stand a pole, open a market umbrella or open a pop-up canopy or tent will benefit from Illumenyte.

Functional prototypes with pictures and videos of product operation are being created, and final designs are currently being developed. Nytemoods is open to your suggestions as we continue to develop the only product that caters to various commercial and residential markets with a variety of configurations that enhance your business, entertainment and lifestyle needs.

For commercial environments such as Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes, Illumenyte offers the following opportunities:

Virtually maintenance free, fully self sustaining off grid outdoor lighting

Eliminate overhead lighting thus reducing utility bills, contractor and maintenance costs

Provide security lighting in areas that would otherwise be unable to accommodate outdoor lighting

Increase overall safety throughout the patio and entertainment area by eliminating wires and cables

Increase customer satisfaction ratings with variable lighting controls

Increase business ROI with extended hours with no additional outdoor utility cost

Create new business opportunities in areas in which outdoor utility lighting may not be available

Provide immediate relief to those areas impacted by natural disasters

For Residential environments, Illumenyte offers the following opportunities:

Increased security with our Flagpole mounted unit featuring a larger battery pack and brighter illumination than most or all of our competitors

A high illumination outdoor light system with longer hours of illumination that may be externally charged via solar panel, wind turbine or AC charge unit.

A variable intensity light system to set that perfect mood for outdoor entertainment

Maintenance free system that may be charged with external solar panel, wind turbine or AC charge unit

Lightweight and compact for easy storage in RV’s and backpacks weighing approximately 2 pounds

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